How to win? Rocket League game and its tips

rocket league crates

Rocket league game is the vehicular soccer game which is published and developed by the Psyonix and this game can support all kinds of operating system like PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, Nintendo Switch and macOS. Rocket league game is having both single and multiplayer game modes which could be played both online and locally. It has similar gameplay of its predecessor. In a game, player can control rocket powered car which is used to hit ball. This game is having two tutorials like basic and advanced. Continue reading

Understanding the control while you play Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular soccer game which also blends elements of car racing in it. Players take control of rocket-powered cars to move a large ball across the field and attempt to knock the ball into the other team’s goal. Like soccer, whichever side scores the most goal by the end of the match, wins the game. In case of a tie, the game goes is extended to over time.

Rocket League control

If you’re a beginner, this article will teach you how to control your car around the field in order to achieve a better aim.

Control your car like an expert in Rocket League

These following tactics will help you control your car like an expert in the game:

1.Flip your car:

Flip is one of the most crucial moves in Rocket League. You can perform a flip by moving the left analog stick in your preferred direction followed by pressing the jump button two times. Front flips can be extremely reliable in some situations. A front flip enables you to travel more area while driving. This is useful when you’ve run out of entire boost or want to preserve the speed boost for emergency situations. Front flips are also a great way of scoring goals easily. Side flips are useful when you want to prevent a shot from going inside a goal.

2.Jump up in the air:

how to play rocket league

Aerial shot is the hardest thing to achieve in the game. It requires you to hit the ball mid-air before it lands on the ground. An aerial shot requires the help of boost. You need to jump up in the air and hold the boost button quickly. To control the direction of your flight, lightly move your control stick either up or down in the desired direction. While it looks simple on paper, pulling off an aerial strike successfully requires tons of practice.

3.Get a boost:

Speed boosts are an essential resource in Rocket League. They are indicated by small spaces marked with orange on the field. A player can gain a boost by simply running their car over these marked spaces. A speed boost grants you the ability to race across the field at a greater speed to save the ball from scoring a goal. You can also utilize the increased momentum of the car to hit the ball or crash into an opponent’s car to destroy it. It is important that you always keep some boost in store to help you out during emergency situations.

4. Get Rocket League Items:

Rocket League allows you to purchase important RL items from the game’s store or you can get them from a crate. Rocket League crates are item drops which contain exclusive items. These crates drop randomly when a player completes ten hours of online matches. They are usually locked and need to be opened with keys which can be easily purchased from the game’s online marketplace or MMOROG.

To gain success in the game, it is crucial to know the controls of the game perfectly. You should know how to angle your car in a way that will maximize your chances of hitting the ball into the goal. But this precision requires time to learn, and the more you practice, the better you get at it.

What is RS Gold and Why Players Buy it Instead of Farming it by Self

When playing Runescape, it is vital to ensure that you get the best experience. Buying RS gold has become the most popular way to have better experience among many players. RS gold refers to items that give you an opportunity to have a better experience and great adventures. RS gold provides the freedom required, so that you can move on enjoying great experience and fresh adventures in unexplored worlds.

The gold ensures that players play the game properly and attain high levels faster. The use of RS gold enables players get extra energy required to defeat the enemies and handle the beasts. Here are some of the other reasons why players want to buy it instead of farming it by self.

Have a longer fun experience

Have a longer fun experience with the help of rs gold

One of the reasons why players like buying RS gold is that it enables them to enjoy the game for a longer time. RS gold enables players have a more enjoyable and fun experience for a lengthy time. This is unlike when you try to farm them because you need to put a lot of efforts before you attain them and have the fun experience you desire as you play. In addition to this, RS gold offer the much needed power to face the different challenges encountered when playing the game. With this power, it means that players have the ability to handle all the obstacles, making it more enjoyable.

Make the game easier to play

Make the game easier to play if you have enough rs gold
When you attain greater levels as you play, the game gets more complex. The real essence of playing Runscape and any other online game is to have fun. To avoid the stress involved in farming gold, it becomes necessary to buy it. By buying the gold, it becomes easier to finish several degrees of the game without a lot of hassles. With RS gold, players get the power that allow them handle the different challenges faced in several degrees. With proper analysis, it becomes possible to determine the amount of gold you need to reach the next stage.

Attain higher degrees quickly

It can take a very long time to move to the higher degrees as you play if you depend on farming the RS gold. However, by buying RS gold, one attains such higher degrees faster. Players are able to adventure new environments making the game even more interesting. The gold gives a player more power that helps overcome different challenges, leading to rise in the different levels quickly.

Enjoy more adventure

When you decide to farm the RS gold you might not be able to have great adventures as you play. When you buy RS gold, you will be able to play the game and explore different environments where you enjoy great adventures. You will be able to discover amazing things found in the game, within a short time of playing it. This is what brings in the excitement and fun that runscape is intended to offer to players. All you have to do is to ensure that you buy RS gold from a reliable site in order to get the best experience.

Essential Tips for FIFA 18 Career Mode

It does not matters the kind of mode you decide to play in FIFA 18, you need to have the right tips in order to succeed. Career mode is one of the most common among FIFA 18 players. It is one of the most interesting modes to use for any player because it offers a rewarding way to play this game. To help you get the best experience, here are essential tips for FIFA 18 career mode.

Select a team with money to spend and a perfect base

In most cases you might feel that you want to select a team that you support. This is not wrong, but the best way to succeed in FIFA 18 career mode is to choose that team that is well established. You need to go for a team that has a great squad and has a lot of money to spend. Some of the best teams you can select include Real Madrid and Barcelona because they have the money and great players too. By working with a team that will give you a plenty of fifa 18 coins, you will have an opportunity to participate in buying of players to fix some of the problems your team might have.

Make sure you invest in the future

You have to make sure that you invest in the future by scouting for young and upcoming players who have a future in the game. You might buy an expensive player, but the might be old, so it means that your team will not have a future. It is also recommended that you invest in future, by sending some of your players on loan so that they can attain the required experience they will use when they return to your team.

Vary your squad

You do not have to stick to a single squad; it is good that you vary it. In FIFA 18, your team will play several games, so you do not only need to vary your squad, but also make sure that you have players with the right stamina. This is necessary for them to be able to cope with the congested fixtures and have the strength to overcome fatigue. Make sure that you have players for all situations.

Come to futhead to know some useful squad:

Be attentive to your players and motivate them

You have to make sure that you listen to your players attentively. They will feel appreciated if you can listen and apply some of the strategies they propose. It is also important to give them some of the things they request from you so that they are happy. This is the best way to ensure that you build a strong team in FIFA 18.

Understand your opposition

In the season tab, you have the opportunity to check the statistics of the other teams. You can also be able to study the team that you will be playing with in the different competitions. Here you will know their player ratings, cards received, number of times they have played in the competition and other information. By understanding your opposition, you will be able to come up with strategies that will help you win over them.

Do you think that $ 60 is enough? Let’s take a look at several games at this year to discuss the game value-added system

In recent years, more and more AAA-level game work began to join the built-in game store. In this store, players can choose to use real money for virtual game value props or services. Today our gamereviewbook will look at several games available in this year to see if such an approach is good or bad.

ww2 added the open packs system

This year, the following games have been added to the game with built-in consumer systems: Middle-earth: War Shadows, Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battle Front 2 Beta and Assassin’s Creed Origin.  These games are often listed at a price of 60 dollars up and down. And players against this built-in consumer system think that since they have spent $ 60 for this game, why they still can not enjoy the game all the content, and they also need spend extra money to get the full gaming experience.

In fact, the reason behind the hiding is very simple: Now develop a AAA level game masterpiece, need to invest more funds, and take more risks. With the development of the times and the industry, developer development costs borne by the developers at the same time, 3A game consumer spending levels have not significantly improved for a long time. The price of a game for 60 dollars has already been promoted since the 90s, but now the development cost of the game industry has increased by 5-10 times compared with the 90’s. At the same time, the impact of the mobile market, the video game market growth is limited.

Visceral Games, which EA closed shortly before, cost $ 60 million to develop Dead Space 2, while games sold nearly 4 million. If all 400 games were sold for a full price of $ 60, then Dead Space 2 would be able to recover about 240 million of the funds, enough to make a profit. But the fact is that there are a lot of discount copies in 4 million sales, making the revenue of Death Space 2 after deducting all kinds of dividends, but ultimately it did not make any profit to EA. “4 million copies are not enough,” Visceral’s designers made it clear on Twitter.

FIFA ultimate team make EA get huge profits

On the good side of this approach:

For game companies, this built-in consumer system approach: reducing the risk of developing the game. Because players not only need to pay $ 60 for the game, but also make a lot of money for additional payment to get more gaming experience. And because of the increase in investment, the players will increase the viscosity of the game – making a game have a longer life-cycle.

Bad side:

For the player, extra spending always causes discomfort to the player. This is equivalent to you eating chips in KFC, KFC told you that if you need ketchup, you need to pay an additional $ 5. Before I consumed, I did not know that the money I was giving was not all about the game. I just got a “ticket” for the game. When I opened the game, I found that I really played this game also requires additional payment.

As the player really needs attention:

As a game developer, getting more and more stable earnings is understandable. As gamers, we all look forward to playing a game that makes you feel satisfied. Players can pay extra for the game, but there is a prerequisite for not overly undermining the balance of the game.

pay more time or pay more money


For game developers, this approach seems to be the only way to deal with the ever-increasing cost. For the players, we seem to only accept this reality. Spend more time or spend more money. The system under the rational use, but also can provide players with higher quality games, but also for manufacturers to provide more profits. But the essence of the game is creativity and the arts, not to say that all games require built-in extra spending to be successful.

Ultimate Team Mode Useful Tips That Help You Get Win

For football fans, any time any place can play football is a happy thing. For a game fan, any time any place can play their favorite game is a happy thing. If you are a game fan and also like football, then you will not miss this year’s most popular football game FIFA 18 and FIFA 18 Mobile. The former allows you to enjoy the high-definition FIFA football game in the era of the Next-generation platform, FIFA mobile allows you to experience the fun of football games in any time with the mobile phone.

Football is competitive sports, win or lose. Football game is the same, in the fifa game world, how to get the game victory is the player most concerned about. However, in this game the most important ultimate team mode, the players are most concerned about the topic “how to win”.

Let me show you some tips on play Ultimate Team Mode:

The main idea of FIFA 18 ultimate team is creating a team with the player cards that you can collect by completing challenges and different tasks or buying them from the online transfer market. As with real soccer, the player will cost you based on his skills, the better the player, the more you will pay. Once you built the team, you can now get on your friends and other online players and simply complete challenges or play offline to earn extra FIFA Coins or FIFA mobile coins.

For helping improving your game and squad here are some useful tips for playing FIFA 18 ultimate team at your best level:

For new players it is better to start their journey through Ultimate Team completing the challenges and earning extra FIFA coins in order to gain some more experience.

Always keep in mind what kind of team are you up against so you can prevent using all your valuable contract players. Note that all of your players have contracts which means they will be able to play a limited amount of games.

To keep you interested in the game, instead of playing offline mode and earn the FIFA Coins to buy the players that you would like to have in your team, you can go around and purchase packs of them using real money. If you can afford it is a nice way to get ahead and have more fun.

fifa ultimate team tips

Don’t forget that the Chemistry has an important role for your team. You can increase your team’s chemistry by choosing players from the same team, nation or league. Don’t spend all your coins for the most expensive and top players because you may end up with a low chemistry team and not being able to participate in certain events.

The Chemistry of your team will be calculated when you will enter different matches and it won’t be affected if you move your players around and change their position.

If you have one of your players injured remember to keep him in your main squad. There are few things that you can do to heal the player’s injury. One of them is to use of your fitness cards or you can also just keep him in the reserves and he will recover in time.

Communicate with other players, you will always get some knowledge that you did not know before.

Now that FIFA 18 is out you can explore the Ultimate Team and play at a new level. The game will help you to improve your playing and competitive skills and it will make you better and better everyday. The best part is that in the same time you will have a lot of fun. Next time when you play remember the tips and go for it.

How to Play FIFA 18 Well? Learn These Points before You Play FIFA 18

The latest game in the football franchise sold for multi-million dollars is FIFA 18. FIFA 18 has promised to provide more realistic experience of gameplay this year by giving more importance to the characterisation of every individual player. They have also made some new additions like quick subs and changes in its gameplay to make FIFA 18more exciting. Some tips are provided here under to help you in playing FIFA 18 more effectively.

fifa 18

Tips and tricks of playing FIFA 18

In order to play FIFA 18 successfully, first of all one has to find the best players to build the best team in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode or in the career mode. The tips provided in this write-up will help you in building the best team for FIFA 18 by selecting not only the best players but the younger and more potential players at all the positions to give you the best results in FIFA 18 game. You can choose from 100 best players of FIFA 18 to find the best defenders, best goalkeepers, best attackers, best midfielders, best young players and iconic players of Ultimate Teams with highest ratings for your team. Now come to to find the cheapest price of FIFA 18 coins!

Important tips for FIFA 18

fifa 18 tipsKeep the ball in motion: Your first preference, while playing FIFA 18 against a strong contender, should be to keep the ball moving by passing it from one player to the other even without any confirm idea, what to do next? It is better to move your ball to the side or backwards instead of losing its possession by lingering it for long. You may get better chances to get space to attack by passing it consistently.

Avoid sprinting: In FIFA 18 you will have to find right time and space for sprinting. You should go for sprinting if you have lots of space to do it or you are badly trying to catch a player. But in general you should avoid sprinting as you can easily be targeted by the defenders and lose control on the ball. You should avoid sprinting in crowded situation as defenders will easily dispossess you from the ball if you knock it ahead in the crowd.

how to play ffia 18 betterDo not attack in haste: Though you can try to attack by passing the ball quickly on the pitch but it may or may not be good for you every time. The striker of your team in the midfield may not have any support while receiving the ball from you. When you get possession of the ball then you should pass it around before forwarding it far away when your team is defending from back to ensure the attackers about the support they have.

Avoid pressing tackle button repeatedly: In order to win back the possession of the ball players usually get tempted to press the tackle button. But defender can be out of the game for a while if you miss to tackle him and allow the attacker to get its possession. It is a safe and good tactic to position you in the path of the attacker.

Thus by following these tips you can easily play FIFA 18 successfully.

What about the DARK AND LIGHT the new sandbox game by snail game

DARK AND LIGHT is a sandbox survival competitive game, by the Chinese snail game through the Unreal 4 engine production. However, this survival game and PUBG or H1Z1 KOTK different, this survival game will set the game background to the Middle Ages, players can through a variety of medieval weapons, magic to survive confrontation. This game has been officially launched in the steam platform, you can use the following link to find it in the steam platform.

DARK AND LIGHT on steam:

dark and light info

Game video:

The latest game video on CHINA JOY 2017:

Twilight spirits is good? does twilight spirits is worth to play?

twilight spirits


Twilight spirits is the new MMORPG with ACT control modes and developed by Netease which is the top internet company from China. Twilight spirits is called “龙魂时刻” means dragon souls time, if you have palyed the bayonetta, you will be know the bayonetta’s witches time. Twilight spirits have the same mode just like baonetta witches time and Netease call it “龙魂时刻”. Continue reading

New FIFA 18 is coming and what you want know about this game?

Fifa 18 is one of the most expected release from EA and one of the most interesting football simulator. Even though the game hasn’t been launched yet, people are already discussing about what improvements and changes will Fifa 18 bring. During the past years, this franchise became more than a simple game and it developed a true community, organized real-life tournaments and attracted millions of players worldwide. However, we cannot but wonder what the new Fifa will bring to us and if it’s going to be different from the previous versions. In the following article, we will tell you more about that, and we will also present you all the major updates, that Fifa 18 will have.

fifa 18 release date

Release Date

If you’re one of the millions fans that are impatiently waiting for Fifa 18, you have to know that Electronic Arts made the big announcement. Fifa 18 is going to be released during the fall of this year. Still, if this sounds like a long wait for you, you shouldn’t worry. EA announced that they will release a demo of the game, available from the beginning of June. Also, we will have the chance to see a detailed presentation of Fifa 18, during the E3 event. This event is expected to take place on June 12. Found the release date for fifa 18 by EA official site, just click here.

The Journey 2

Apparently, Fifa 18 will continue the adventures of Alex Hunter, the young player who wants to make a reputation in the Premier League. This story mode, which started in Fifa 17 as an experiment, embraced a huge success and the developers are going to create a sequel for it. Besides Hunter’s story, this arcade mode will feature a new list of characters, who will make the whole gameplay even more engaging. The Journey 2 will use the same Frostbite technology, which allows the players to have a real-like experience, with plenty of changes and new features.

New Leagues

new league added into fifa 18

The new Fifa 18 updates will also feature some additional leagues, and Electronic Arts have chosen these leagues, with a very innovative method. They’ve simply submitted to vote and asked all their fans to establish, what new leagues to add. After the vote, the Chinese Super League and Indian Super League were favorites and therefore, they will be added to Fifa 18.

Engine Improvement

new engine for fifa 18

Besides the gameplay, changes and new features, Fifa 18 will come with an improved engine. The Frostbite technology is expected to revolutionize this franchise, and to make it even more entertaining than before. Also, Electronic Arts wanted to make Fifa 18 more enjoyable for the PC users because, as we know, the previous versions weren’t such well optimized for PC. Another Fifa 18 update, that will make the game even more realistic, is the speed of the ball. Depending on the pitch (dry, snowy, wet) the ball will have its speed affected. Also, the players will confront with some real life factors, as the occurrence of birds, or objects thrown by the supporters.


Fifa 18 announces to be a very interesting game, which will surely be played by millions of players worldwide. Even though the game will be officially released in September, there is only one month left, until we can have a first taste of the Fifa 18 updates, changes and new features.

If you are a fans of EA FIFA games, you need pay more attention to the FIFA COINS, we recommend you come to mmorog to see the latest price of FIFA 18 coins before you buy it from other providers.