How to win? Rocket League game and its tips

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Rocket league game is the vehicular soccer game which is published and developed by the Psyonix and this game can support all kinds of operating system like PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, Nintendo Switch and macOS. Rocket league game is having both single and multiplayer game modes which could be played both online and locally. It has similar gameplay of its predecessor. In a game, player can control rocket powered car which is used to hit ball. This game is having two tutorials like basic and advanced. Continue reading

Understanding the control while you play Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular soccer game which also blends elements of car racing in it. Players take control of rocket-powered cars to move a large ball across the field and attempt to knock the ball into the other team’s goal. Like soccer, whichever side scores the most goal by the end of the match, wins the game. In case of a tie, the game goes is extended to over time.

Rocket League control

If you’re a beginner, this article will teach you how to control your car around the field in order to achieve a better aim.

Control your car like an expert in Rocket League

These following tactics will help you control your car like an expert in the game:

1.Flip your car:

Flip is one of the most crucial moves in Rocket League. You can perform a flip by moving the left analog stick in your preferred direction followed by pressing the jump button two times. Front flips can be extremely reliable in some situations. A front flip enables you to travel more area while driving. This is useful when you’ve run out of entire boost or want to preserve the speed boost for emergency situations. Front flips are also a great way of scoring goals easily. Side flips are useful when you want to prevent a shot from going inside a goal.

2.Jump up in the air:

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Aerial shot is the hardest thing to achieve in the game. It requires you to hit the ball mid-air before it lands on the ground. An aerial shot requires the help of boost. You need to jump up in the air and hold the boost button quickly. To control the direction of your flight, lightly move your control stick either up or down in the desired direction. While it looks simple on paper, pulling off an aerial strike successfully requires tons of practice.

3.Get a boost:

Speed boosts are an essential resource in Rocket League. They are indicated by small spaces marked with orange on the field. A player can gain a boost by simply running their car over these marked spaces. A speed boost grants you the ability to race across the field at a greater speed to save the ball from scoring a goal. You can also utilize the increased momentum of the car to hit the ball or crash into an opponent’s car to destroy it. It is important that you always keep some boost in store to help you out during emergency situations.

4. Get Rocket League Items:

Rocket League allows you to purchase important RL items from the game’s store or you can get them from a crate. Rocket League crates are item drops which contain exclusive items. These crates drop randomly when a player completes ten hours of online matches. They are usually locked and need to be opened with keys which can be easily purchased from the game’s online marketplace or MMOROG.

To gain success in the game, it is crucial to know the controls of the game perfectly. You should know how to angle your car in a way that will maximize your chances of hitting the ball into the goal. But this precision requires time to learn, and the more you practice, the better you get at it.