Madden football is an American video gaming football series developed by Electronic Arts’ founder, Trip Hawkins. Trip Hawkins first conceived the idea in 1984. At that time, Mr. Hawkins approached John Madden, a pro football hall of fame and Super Bowl winning coach for his authorization and proficiency in the game as well.

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The game however took four more years before it was released –in 1988. From 1990, a new version of the game has been released annually. The name was changed from John Madden football to Madden NFL in 1993 after Electronic Arts attained the rights of using NFL players and their teams. The series has over 100 million copies that have been sold and has influenced coaches and players in the game at a great extent. Some of the cutting-edge realistic features of the game are player statistics, erudite play books and revolutionary voice commentary as well.

Madden is more than just a game, it’s a platform that blends some of the most intricate gaming features together with America’s most favorite sport –football. It’s not only fun, it’s also a source of entertainment, simulations and stern competition.

madden nfl 17 game featuresIf you’re a fan of fantasy football and you like the hard work of building a team from square one then Madden NFL is qiute perfect for you. It also allows you to trade with friends, stock in collections more players and all in the gaming currency. The game also allows you to have a variety of challenges, ranging from solo contests to multi players as well.

From the year 2004, Electronic Arts started running simulations of the super bowl by the use of the most current game in Madden NFL series and announcing the results. Madden 17 simulation is more than mere chance,but its track record speaks for itself. Of the last 13 super bowl winners, the simulation has predicted correctly nine. The rate at which the simulation gets the correct prediction is very astonishing.

One of the most impressive simulations was the 2015 final game where it not only predicted the winner, but it also got the score right down to the last digit. Although there were many skeptics and doubters within EA that Seattle could lose especially after a double digit lead, the prediction still prevailed. The simulation has also got right during the 2008, 2011, and 2014 as well as the 2016 games. Electronic Arts also releases the computer generated simulation of the simulated games as if it was a summary of the actual super bowl. By the way if you want get your madden 17 game more easy you can buy madden mobile coins from this site.

Of course, madden 17 simulation is not always perfect, back in February, the video game gave a prediction of Panthers defeating Broncos in the super bowl with a 24-10. But Denver proved the simulation wrong as it went to win forward to win 24-10.

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Though the video game has proved itself worthy when it comes to prediction, it is also important to consider the human factor. When it comes to underdogs beating the champions, history speaks quite best.

Madden football has also hosted its own version of the super bowl –madden bowl- since 1995 with there being only a single winner with the exception of 2011 and 2012.

Play NBA game on your phone! NBA live mobile game review and tips

If you want to choose the best team to win the games then you will have to go through the NBA Live Mobile tips and tricks provided in this write-up to help you in building a favourite team. While using these team building tips you will have to find out players with highest statistics in general so that the start of the game can be easier for you. You will have to include powerhouse players in your team to make a team just like actual NBA team.

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NBA live mobile game tips and little tips

Play through the seasons: You will have to make a strong line of player to make a strong team, which can win. So the players you choose for your team should have played all the seasons. Every player who plays a match earns some XP and coins along with certain bonus awards for a season. You can use these positive points to select players for your team.

Auto play: This handy feature is found next to the scoreboard in the form of a button. This feature allows you use it carefully to analyse the win rates if the season to control your players more efficiently.

nba live mobile game review 2Live confronting events: One can easily win his first coin, XP and other benefits occasionally by participating in the live events to complete the number of rewards required by you to include in your team. Sometimes you can win these coins, rewards and XP again and again to use them to get more rewards at different difficulty level. During head-to-head events one can be winner if he succeeds to earn most points against his competitors.

Achievements of the players: Though there is a trend to overlook the achievements of the NBA Live players but still they can help in achieving bonuses and cash awards in routine. So while creating a team than your opponents then you should focus on the general and seasons achievements of the players.

Sets: You can combine some of the big moments like trophy cards, player cards and other similar cards to make sets of cards to give up to get a better card in return.

Auctions: Different player cards can also be collected within the game in certain other ways but it can be frustrating to rely on the rewards randomly looted. So while building a line-up of star players you should rely on auction houses like a best friend. It will allow you to use your coins to set the overall average of a player for a desired position by tapping on the search button. Your players will get a green number if they are better than the players currently playing in the games otherwise they may have red numbers.

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Thus, by following the tricks and NBA Live Mobile tips provided in this write-up, you can easily build a favourite team. But you should be careful while using these team building tips as it is not easy to get real statistics of the players who are not active on the field at present.  Buy NBA live coins will help you to get this game more easy, but you need pay more times to learn how to find a good site to give you this service.

NBA live mobile game review:

Fantastic game modes:

1. Live Events: This mode is characterized by game plays with particular goals to beat. For example, a player may be challenged to hit three-point shots from a particular position at the court in the course of a match. Every live event is only available for a limited period.

2. Head-To-Head Games: In this multiplayer mode, you can play competitively against other AI controlled team players. Player one controls the first and the third quarter while the second one has control for the second and fourth quarters.

3. Season Mode: This single-player mode allows the gamer to play entire NBA seasons on the condition that they win a particular number of game matches to qualify for playoffs.

Friends’ matches: The NBA LIVE game allows you to invite your friends and compete against them. Winning accords you a special reward: Friend Collectibles’ which allow you to redeem some rewards from Friend Sets.

Leagues: The NBA LIVE game allows you to join distinct leagues where you can participate in competitive tournaments with other NBA leagues and other intra-league game matches.

When we say hard work pays, then everybody thinks it all about jobs and tasks; but imagine playing your best then receiving subsequent rewards for it. With NBA LIVE game, the better and more you play, the more the currency and rewards you accumulate. With these rewards and currency, you can acquire top league players and develop a winning team alongside the Ultimate EA Sports team model.

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Assume manager position and evaluate, upgrade and manage your team with the NBA LIVE game. Develop your favorite franchise into a wonderful competitive team made of megastars both from the past and the current. Exploit the auction house, rip the packs and develop a model that becomes the team to beat.

Become the greatest of all time and experience the ultimate ballers life with fresh daily challenges from NBA LIVE games’ Live Event mode. Acquire amazing rewards in real-time game matches and enhance your competitiveness from Head-to-Head season challenges both with opposing teams and friends; all these with the amazing features and modes of this top-tier basketball game.

If you have been looking for a next-generation mobile game, EA Sports has brought it right to your fingertips with the new NBA LIVE Mobile game. Drive your way through to the hole or score threes from every point with this amazing mobile game. Also, work your way through fast-paced 120 second quarters, obliterate your rivals before they know what’s up and amass coins and rewards that will give you an edge of developing an elite team all with the all new EA Sports NBA LIVE Mobile game.


· Smooth play and appearance.

· Comes with the EA trademark Ultimate Team.

· Multiple modes and Amazing features.


· May not appeal to gamers that are not Ultimate Team fans.

· Cited to lack depth in game play.

EA Sports seems to have clinched and possessed the throne for King of all sporting games. How, you may ask? By a single mobile game- NBA Live. If you are gaming fan and have not experienced the thrill and fun of Mobile games, be sure to download the game for free by follow links: