Essential Tips for FIFA 18 Career Mode

It does not matters the kind of mode you decide to play in FIFA 18, you need to have the right tips in order to succeed. Career mode is one of the most common among FIFA 18 players. It is one of the most interesting modes to use for any player because it offers a rewarding way to play this game. To help you get the best experience, here are essential tips for FIFA 18 career mode.

Select a team with money to spend and a perfect base

In most cases you might feel that you want to select a team that you support. This is not wrong, but the best way to succeed in FIFA 18 career mode is to choose that team that is well established. You need to go for a team that has a great squad and has a lot of money to spend. Some of the best teams you can select include Real Madrid and Barcelona because they have the money and great players too. By working with a team that will give you a plenty of fifa 18 coins, you will have an opportunity to participate in buying of players to fix some of the problems your team might have.

Make sure you invest in the future

You have to make sure that you invest in the future by scouting for young and upcoming players who have a future in the game. You might buy an expensive player, but the might be old, so it means that your team will not have a future. It is also recommended that you invest in future, by sending some of your players on loan so that they can attain the required experience they will use when they return to your team.

Vary your squad

You do not have to stick to a single squad; it is good that you vary it. In FIFA 18, your team will play several games, so you do not only need to vary your squad, but also make sure that you have players with the right stamina. This is necessary for them to be able to cope with the congested fixtures and have the strength to overcome fatigue. Make sure that you have players for all situations.

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Be attentive to your players and motivate them

You have to make sure that you listen to your players attentively. They will feel appreciated if you can listen and apply some of the strategies they propose. It is also important to give them some of the things they request from you so that they are happy. This is the best way to ensure that you build a strong team in FIFA 18.

Understand your opposition

In the season tab, you have the opportunity to check the statistics of the other teams. You can also be able to study the team that you will be playing with in the different competitions. Here you will know their player ratings, cards received, number of times they have played in the competition and other information. By understanding your opposition, you will be able to come up with strategies that will help you win over them.