Twilight spirits is good? does twilight spirits is worth to play?

twilight spirits


Twilight spirits is the new MMORPG with ACT control modes and developed by Netease which is the top internet company from China. Twilight spirits is called “龙魂时刻” means dragon souls time, if you have palyed the bayonetta, you will be know the bayonetta’s witches time. Twilight spirits have the same mode just like baonetta witches time and Netease call it “龙魂时刻”.

Configuration requirements

Configuration requirements

From its official site shows: this game’s toppest pc requirements:

cpu: I7 4th genaration or higher

ram:16GB (does not show ddr3 or ddr4 and other informations)

disk:more than 60G ssd (this game download pack need 9G space)

OS:win7/win8/win10 64bit (do not know whether ios is supported)

Something in the game:

careers in the game

There are 6 careers in this game, we can easy detect them are: Warrior, mage, thieves, gunmen, healer, swordsman. At this point, all the Chinese-made mmorpg game is the same, drawing on the classic design of World of Warcraft, and then integrate a little Chinese elements. As for the late will not open a new career, which we can not judge.

Free to play and you need pay

This game is free to down load and free to play, but i have seen the built-in game store. You can play this game without pay for any money but i think you need pay more after some hours. For example: The role of the game backpack is our most common functional requirements, but in this game, the game only provides a very small capacity backpack, if you want to expand your backpack capacity, you need to pay for this.

Game video:

if you want play this game follow this links may help you:

official site:

steam page: