What are the bedding to avoid for snake?

Snake is not picky animal, you can easy find the best bedding for snake in the supermarket or even fill their enclosure with newspaper or paper towels and they will be happy.

However, if you have never owned a snake before, you may not know that a substrate gives off odors, has been treated with toxic chemicals or causes a risk for ingestion or impaction, it’s a bad option. These bedding should be avoided as they can cause health issues for your pet.

#1 Sand

Although sand is an aesthetically bedding, but you should not use it. When you snake moves in the enclosure with sand bedding, it is a big change that the sand can get in its mouth and nose which can cause impaction and the dead is possible for your snake.

Not only that, sand can get under a snake’s scales, too. It is difficult to clean, doesn’t hold moisture well, and lacks any odor-controlling properties.

#2 Walnut shell

Although this bedding looks good and have soft texture, it can be a great option at first glance. Walnut shell also helps you easier to maintain your tank as snake droppings can be scooped out and thrown away quickly and easily in the walnut shell. It also doesn’t clump up in the same way as sand. They don’t hold moisture well, and offer little in the way of odor control.

However, these is a problem with it. Some tiny cut shell that are included in the walnut shell. They can be very sharp and can cut into the snake’s skin. It does can cause impaction when being swallowed and these sharp bits can cause internal damage for your snake if they eat it.

#3 Cat litter

Cat litter is not the safe bedding for snake. Cat litter has different texture with the snake bedding that sold out there. Cat litter is grainier than normal snake bedding and can lead to impaction for them.

Cat litter are made to absorb the cat dropping, but this feature can cause dehydration for snake. Snake require high level of moisture in their enclosure and they need the bedding that can help maintain optimal moisture levels.

Cat litter molds easily and contains a lot of dust. Many cat litter products out there are treated with chemicals or has artificial fragrances. It is  not really good for snake’s respirator system.