Best Sheep Hoof Trimmers: Zenport Q91 VS. DEEALL hoof trimmer

Whether you keep your flock of sheep on a farm or pasture, sheep hoof trimming is an absolutely essential job that needs to be done regularly. 

The sheep with improper hooves care and not be trimmed can get some health problems such as foot rot, arthritis and other bacterial foot diseases.

If you have a large flock, then you will need the best sheep hoof trimmers. The best equipment can make a huge difference in your work. But how you can tell the effective hoof trimmers from many different types available out there? 

This post can help you by dwindling your choice. We recommend these two hoof trimmer: Zenport Q91 zen-magic ultra shear VS. DEEALL goat and horse hoof trimmer.

#1 Blade Edge and Hardness

It is obvious that the blade is the main part that will determine how efficient the goat hoof trimmer is. You should choose the trimmer that is sharpness and hardness. It is also should good edge holder, rust-free, and does not require a lot of sharpening.

Zenport is the 7,5 inches premium trimming shears. It is also very sharp, many users generally admitted that it is sharp, cutting quickly and holds an edge very well. 

You will not have to sharpen it often. Furthermore, the blades are really nice and it is the non-stick coating blade, which keeps them from sticking and jamming.

DEEALL trimmer is the 8 inches length trimmer that is strong and balanced for the cutting easier. The blade of DEEALL is made from carbon steel, which makes it tough, durable and good at holds edge. 

The outstanding point of this blade is that it includes one smooth blade and the other is serrated. The serrated is will grip onto hard hooves and prevent the blade from slipping.

#2 Firm-hold handle

The trimmer with a firm-hold handle is very useful when cutting. It will ensure the accuracy of cutting motion for the trimmer. You can get the most efficient of the trimmer without a good handle. A metal handle with an ergonomic cover of non-slip material is ideally.

There are some complaints that the handle of Zenport is quite smooth and make a bit harder to grip. However, DEEALL trimmer did very well in this aspect. 

The handle is covered by the frosted rubber coating, which perfect to prevent slipping and give a good grip. Moreover, it also comes with the rubber loop that will go around your wrist to help increase the safety levels.