Freshwater Fish That Beginner Should Get From Freshwater Fish Store Near Me

If you are looking to get start your freshwater aquarium, you should search and consider some basic factors and write down the plant to avoid the bad first experience. And one of these things is finding some fish are much easier to start than others.

Not every type of fish is being sold on freshwater fish store near me is good fish for new owners. This post will help you to find best beginner fish and tips for keeping these freshwater fish.

#1 Goldfish

Goldfish always know as friendly fish for beginner that you can get from any freshwater aquarium supplies near me, especially long-body goldfish such as a comet, Sarasa and shubunkin. Fancy goldfish will more suitable for people who have experience on keep fish already. However, goldfish may produce quite much of waste than other types of fish.

#2 Neon tetras

These small fish are not only additions that make your aquarium livelier due to their colored skin but also be a great starter fish you should consider. Neon tetras are easy-going and they produce very few wastes so they take you less maintenance effort.

You should keep 3-5 neon tetras together because they like to live in groups and swim around together. You just need to prepare them for the best aquarium starter kits and good food.

#3 Betta fish

Betta is one of the easiest fish to keep. They look nice with their long, delicate fins. However, the females might have aggressive behavior so for beginners, we recommend you keep one male in his own tank.

Betta fish also require a tank at least 5 gallons size. The proper temperature for Betta fish should be maintained between 78 to 82 degrees F because they are tropical fish.

#4 Platys and Mollies

There are a lot of breeds and varieties of this fish but all these varieties are easy going and friendly with others.

You will get a lot much of fish than you get from freshwater fish stores near me within days after you add them in your tank because these live-bearing fish reproduce very quickly and a pregnant can give birth to multiples baby.

In order to reduce the number of reproduction, you should separate males and females.