How much water do you need for a road shower?

Whether you are on the trip, going camping or in the backpacking trip, the road shower alternative can come to handle to get you clean with little effort. These lightweight, compact showers allow you to wash off the grime, dirt and mud of hiking.

Not just for showering, the road shower alternative is multi-purpose that can help you to wash dishes or gear. However, water storage is always a challenge while truck camping or hang out for a few days. It requires a water container that’s large enough so that you won’t be constantly refilling but not so massive that take lots of space and weigh you down. So how much water is enough for you?

#1 What is the capacity the road shower alternative should be?

The good amount of water to use in a camping shower will depends on the number of people use it and how long the trip is. Most outdoor portable shower units hold about 20 litres of water (5 gallons) and some unit can even hold up to 10 gallons of water. That means you will have many options to choose depending on your needs and intended use.

However, 10 gallons road shower alternative are quite massive to carry out as it may weigh you down. We recommend that you should go with the unit that hold for 5-7 gallons of water. For the family of three people, 7 gallons is enough water to last 2-3 days before need to be refill. With 7 gallons, you will get enough water for not only showering but also drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc.

The speed that the water is dispensed will be determined by the shower head and also the strength of your water pump. If you want to save your water and reduce the amount of water released, then you should get the unit with a shower head with very small holes and fewer holes than normal.

#2 Tips to use road shower alternative

After your trip, when not using for long time, you should you should routinely flush and sterilize any camping water container. To sterilize the water container, you can create the light mixture of bleach and water. However, ensure to thoroughly rinse this mixture from the container with clean water before refilling with drinking water and use.

The road showers have to be capable to be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle. This is very important as when truck camping or car camping you always need to maximize internal space for storage other stuffs. It is better to get the unit that can be easily mounted on a roof rack, load bars, or cargo basket.